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 •  IBCU’s strategic action plan is based on analyzing  Vision
 the status quo of Cairo University (CU), taking into  To make Cairo University, through IBCU, a regional hub that creates and makes use of
 account the strategic vision of higher education in  knowledge in strategic fields, and that seeks to find developed solutions for local,
 Egypt, taken from Egypt’s Vision 2030. IBCU’s  regional, and international problems through excellence in knowledge and
 strategic  plan  is  thus  an  effective  and
 implementable strategy that aims to bring about  innovation.
 excellence as a key objective, to reflect the
 attainable and anticipated inputs that build on the  Mission
 strengths of CU, and to establish development of  • To excel in the field of knowledge and innovation creation. To apply such knowledge
 new fields and programs that can take Cairo
 University to different levels and horizons.  to applied, social and economic sciences in order to develop educational and
 •  IBCU adopts a new and unique structure in Egypt. Its structural vision is mapped out as a programs’ university.  research services that are based on a comprehensive integrated system of relations
 Each program has a separate administrative system, including a coordinator, specialized and renowned  between regional and international academic and professional entities.
 advisors, a representative of the junior staff members and the administrative body, a representative of the
 students, one representative, or more, of the industrial sector and other representatives of NGOs, according  • To ensure the suitability of the different curricula and the development of
 to the nature of each program.  educational skills, to promote human capital development, to develop research
 •  Fair and objective mechanisms are set to assess and evaluate the teaching staff and to produce scientific  related to local and international problems, which will place Egypt among the
 research, which will in turn help the society and add value to the national economy.
 •  The Administration of IBCU coordinates the different programs, facilitates procedures and the staff’s work, in  industrial, innovative and technology-producing countries. This will in turn help
 accordance with the bylaws approved of by CU and the different international universities.  achieve full (or even partial) self-sufficiency, improve Egypt’s economic situation and
 •  Programs at IBCU have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the local and international labor markets  maintain its strategic importance regionally and internationally.
 and in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030.
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