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❑   Preparing students, who will later on serve the local  National Significance of IBCU
            National Significance of IBCU                          community, face current and expected problems at the  2- Scientific Research
            1- Education                                           national level through establishing different programs
                                                                   so as to bridge the present gap between education
                                                                   outcomes and the labor market.                       ❑  Linking the applications of knowledge and innovation
          ❑   Internationalization is a key objective in the higher  ❑  Preparing  students  for  the  international  work  outputs to the country’s priorities through selecting
              education action plan according to Egypt’s Vision 2030.  environment; the fact that will help them later on after  research projects and excellence centers that coincide with
                                                                   graduation to find job opportunities in the international  Egypt’s priorities action plan to solve sustainability issues.  ❑  IBCU considers scientific research a main funding source in
          ❑   Providing high-quality education and training to everyone  labor market. Thus, this will in turn decrease    Moreover, IBCU seeks to support the country’s action plan  higher education entities to ensure the sustainability of
              and  without  discrimination  in  an  efficient,  fair,  unemployment rates, increase job opportunities in   by having research staff in different scientific fields; this will  research centers and to help alleviate the country’s
              sustainable and flexible institutional system through  Egypt, and contribute, directly and indirectly, to the  link innovation and knowledge to the national objectives  responsibility for supporting research in universities. This will
              programs, created through international and regional  increase in the national income.                       and challenges. This will be carried out through establishing  be an added value to the world economy.
              partnerships with accredited institutions. This ensures                                                      interdisciplinary research  centers that  serve  Egypt’s
              the improvement of the quality of education and  ❑   Adopting a set of governing values that supports work   priorities and its Vision 2030 in the fields of: energy, water,
              constant competitiveness in international education  ethics, innovation, pluralism and diversity, responsibility  health,  agriculture,  food,  environment,  technological
              reports, in accordance with the international systems of  and respecting differences, while maintaining one’s  applications,  future  sciences,  strategic  industries,
              university education and with Egypt’s Vision 2030.   own identity. Therefore, cultural change is a key       education, national security, tourism, media, marketing and
                                                                   component in the strategic action plan of IBCU because  investment.
          ❑   Linking academic programs to top local, regional and  real change depends on changing man by building     ❑  Overcoming problems that are triggered by the traditional
              international entities through creating partnerships. The  his/her personality. Such  a change requires an   structure of research institutions by creating research work
              programs that have been approved of and developed by  integrated work environment that supports the value of  teams and excellence centers based on environmental
              IBCU depend on competitiveness to ensure that students  change.                                              research. This will help create knowledge and make use of
              receive technical, professional and technology training,  ❑  Reinforcing political, economic and cultural relations  it and maximize the benefit from the intellectual capital.
              to prepare them for the current work environment. This  with various countries, supporting the soft power of  ❑  Creating an infrastructure that supports scientific research
              can be achieved through the creation of an educational  Egyptian politics both regionally and internationally. It is  and innovation by benefitting from the available financial
              system which is based on entrepreneurship (Enterprise  expected that graduates of IBCU programs will one day  resources for scientific research, and by outsourcing and
              Education), which depends on merging training with   become unofficial ambassadors.                          finding new resources.
              education when preparing and delivering curricula, and                                                    ❑  Increasing  the  world  university  ranking of  CU  by
              having  cooperation  between  the  teaching  and  ❑  It is expected that IBCU programs will attract          encouraging international publications in highly ranked
              professional staff in all relevant specialties to help  international students which will increase academic  journals, supporting scientific research, drafting a long-
              prepare students for any problems and practices in real  exchange opportunities, help in learning about other  term research action plan, and supporting research work
              work environment or simulation models.               cultures and in creating an international learning      teams to increase and improve research.
                                                                   environment,  in  addition  to  attracting  tourists,
               6                                                   represented in the students’ families.
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