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Basic Values of IBCU  Objectives of IBCU

 IBCU adopts the main values of CU: modernity, empowerment, rationalism, collective efforts,
 academic freedom, creative thinking, and equality and non-discrimination. Additionally, IBCU has
 its own values that reflect its unique nature:  Developing Cooperation between Academic and   Increasing Productivity and Focusing on the Basic
                Professional Local and International Entities      Activities of the Educational Process
 1.  Innovation and creativity: always seeking to   5.  Social and environmental responsibility:   This includes a working environment that helps save time and
 redefine excellence in each work we do, to be   respecting and managing our resources and   This allows practical practices and the applicability of   provides facilities for the staff of international programs,
                scientific aspects, aiming to enrich the educational
 open to ideas that challenge traditional points of   providing a safe environment for all.  environment and to provide realistic education.  including academic and administrative staff members, to
 view and  encourage innovation.                                   accomplish excellence and continuous improvement.

 2.  Quality: providing a high-quality educational   6.  Continuous learning: promoting lifelong   Having Graduates Across Different   Attracting Distinguished Local and International
                Scientific Fields
 environment supported by research and   learning to develop skills related to career and   This is done by providing a distinct educational service, related
 industry-based activities to be delivered by   professional paths, to promote higher   Graduates should have the necessary skills and   to the current international challenges, which will contribute to
                knowledge to be distinguished citizens in their
 highly qualified individuals.  aspirations, and to open minds.  communities who ceaselessly search for learning and   the development of the different skills of students and the
 3.  Cooperation: mutual respect and continuous   7.  Youth empowerment: empowering youth   growth opportunities, in addition to being   abilities of learning and self-enhancement.
                entrepreneurs in different work areas.
 support by showing cooperation and   through education, which is  an important value   Developing Sustainability Focused Academic and
 professionalism.  for creating leadership in various fields,   Interest in Realistic Scientific Research  Professional Programs
 promoting the concept of citizenship,   To attract partnerships for research projects and   These programs will help future growth and continuous
 reinforcing the belief in fulfilling their potentials,   research funds.  quality improvement.
 4.  Trust and accountability: promoting an   and creating positive community impact.  Creating a Culture that Supports
 environment marked by trust, truthfulness,   8.  Flexibility and reducing  organizational   Providing a Unique Education System  Distinctive Programs
 openness, cooperation, reliability and   constraints which limit development and hinder   This includes all programs and administrative divisions. Such a
 accountability.  This depends mainly on creating joint programs with the
 creativity.    best international universities in the different scientific   culture emphasizes values, such as creativity, team work
                fields.                                            motivation and inquiry, scientific curiosity and work ethics
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